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Birdie Can - Air-Tight/ Breathable Container


Need an air-tight container for coffee and a breathable one for tea? Our Birdie Can do it all for you. Dare to be a little barbaric and pop out the birdie's eyes to switch from air-tight to breathable storage. Birdie Can hold up to 400ml / 1000ml and is made of smooth white porcelain. 

Birdie in porcelain can provide a good condition for storing your coffee bean/tea/sugar perfectly. Dual container design allows both the seal-up and  ventilated functions. Pulling out of bird eyes brings out the ventilated function and vice versa. Airtight lid keeps the aroma and tea fresh. 

 Size: 12.5cmH x 10.6cmW x 10.6cmD (400ml) / 17.8cmH x 13.9cmW x 13.9cmD (1000ml) 

 Weight: 0.43kg (400ml) / 0.96kg (1000ml) 

Material detail and advantage: 

Body: Porcelain 

Eyes: Silicone 

Seal ring: Silicone(porcelain is a durable and hard wearing material that is resistant to harsher cleaning agents, scratches, stains, fading, heavy loads and fire, with color glazeLFGB food grade silicone)


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